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6 Tips on How to Live More Sustainably

Every little choice we make in our daily lives will affect the environment. It falls on us to decide if we want to make that impact a positive or negative one. From what you put on your plate to how you shop for groceries and get to work. There are actually a lot of things you can do to reduce your environmental footprint.

If you are ready to change, then you should know that you can start from small and simple changes. Sustainable living does not have to be overwhelming. Here are our top 6 tips on how to live more sustainably!

how to live more sustainably
  1. Reduce your meat intake
    Producing the meat in your burgers and stews is one of the largest contributors of carbon emission in the world. That’s why eating meat leaves a higher environmental footprint than plant-based foods. It takes up so much land and water.

    One thing you can do to lead a more sustainable life is to try eating less meat. There’s no need to become a vegetarian or vegan all of a sudden. Simply reducing the amount and frequency of meat in your diet should be enough.

  2. Save energy
    When you use less energy, you will be reducing your carbon emission. Saving energy is a habit that takes time to build up and integrate into your behaviors. Again, starting small is the key. There’s a lot of ways to save energy at home!

    Unplug any electronics that you are not using, turn the heating down when it’s not needed and turn out the lights during the day. We also recommend hanging clothes instead of using the tumble drier.

  3. Consider going plastic free
    Plastic takes 1000 years to break down in landfills, and there are more plastic than you can imagine polluting the ocean today. One of the simplest yet most helpful things you can do is going plastic-free.

    Remember that this does not have to be hard either! Start by bringing reusable bags everywhere you go, especially when grocery shopping. Stop buying plastic bottles, straws and other food products in plastic packaging.

  4. Commute, don’t drive
    Our top tip that may be quite a big lifestyle change is to stop driving. Or at least, drive as little as you can. Try walking or cycling to work or school if it is still within reasonable distance.

    Another alternative is to take public transportation like the train or bus. This will help reduce greenhouse gas emission. Besides, we think that public transport is a great way to feel more involved in the local community.

  5. Use water responsibly
    Making our clean water reserve last as long as possible is crucial. This is especially true because the human population is continuously increasing. Don’t let your tap run as you are brushing your teeth. It takes less than a second to switch it off but will save our planet.

    Additionally, take quicker showers and bathe less. You can also ensure that grey water does not go to waste by using it for a variety of household chores. For example, watering the garden!

  6. Recycle and reuse
    When attempting to live more sustainably, don’t forget the basics! Make recycling and reusing a second nature. There are plenty of creative ways to recycle various materials, as well as repurpose items. Try to use things a few times before finally throwing them in a bin or recycling.

    It’s a good thing that you are taking the first step to green living. We hope you can implement some of these tips in your life, which will help you to be more sustainable. Good luck!
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