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Concrete Impact of COVID-19 in Food Retail Industry

Concrete Impact of COVID-19 in Food Retail Industry

The increase in technology leads to unprecedented demand in food retail industry products.  However, since Coronavirus spreads up in most of the countries around the world, it wreaks havoc and leads several retail industries to their end.

But, how about the food retail industry?  During the lockdown period, the government forces several shops to close until further notice.  That does not apply in the food retail industry such as the minimarket, some traditional market, and supermarkets as well.

What does the COVID-19 outbreak bring to the food retail industries?  Below is the glimpse of the impacts:

They Must Hire New Employees

They Must Hire New Employees

People do binge shopping on groceries since the first wave of the Coronavirus outbreak.  The rest of them did the shopping on e-commerce and piling up goods.

The news of COVID-19 is a gold mine to the food retail industry.  Food is an essential need for the people, and that’s the first thing that lies in their mind while something happens.

However, this binge-shopping attitude leads to a scarcity of food and supplies.  That’s why the retail industry shall open the job vacancy.  Amazon in May declared that they plan to hire around 100,000 new employees in Europe and North America to overcome this increase in demand.

A First Winner During the Situation

A First Winner During the Situation

McKinsey stated that the real winner of this COVID-19 situation is the food retail industry.  After the virus outbreak, the number of fresh food purchases has augmented from 50% to 200%.  That is the sign that people start to choose cooking by themselves rather than buying the meals in the restaurant.

This condition is due to the social restriction that allows limited people to sit and dine in the restaurant.  People are also afraid of the big chance of transmission of the virus in the public space.

The situation is in fact a chance for the food retail industry to expand their business and to improve their service.  They can also go online in order to ease the customers in gaining fresh food without going anywhere.

The Challenge: Regarding Workers Health

The Challenge: Regarding Workers Health

Many executives of the food retailers successfully collect the giant profit, but not the workers themselves.  There is no salary increase, and they face a higher risk during work time.

The frontline employees are at risk when they have to work with other people, less holiday, and interact with the customers directly.  They work harder, moreover for those who work for the processing industry, where social distancing is almost impossible.

Meanwhile, the government insists on reducing the amount of COVID-19 infection, and there is no sufficient rapid/swab test for the employees.  Around 187 meat plants in the United States of America were closed as of May 2020 due to 12,000 workers infected with this virus.

As the executives gain giant profit during this condition, they also have to present a safe working environment in order to reduce the infection and to keep the worker healthy.

The food retail industry turns out to get a bonanza in this COVID-19.  However, this time they need to build a healthy environment for the workers in order to give them justice and to keep the production on a good track.

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