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Eco-friendly Products: When and Where to Use One

Eco-friendly products came in varying forms and materials. They can include clothing, drink bottles, cups, and even jewelry. However, with their low price and usability, reusable bag and paper bags are eco-friendly products that can be found almost everywhere. However, talking about reusable bag vs paper bag, which one should be used in different situations?

Grocery shopping: reusable bag

Grocery shopping: reusable bag

While shopping for grocery, some of the groceries like fresh vegetables and fruits might be wet. Wetness can tear and ruin paper bags, so it’s better to use a reusable bag than a paper bag.  The type of bag to use can be a classic tote bag or mesh tote bag, while the materials used are mostly cotton, canvas, and sometimes nylon.

Reusable bag made of fabric is not only more durable to water but also can lift heavier weight.  However, remember, even though it can be used multiple times, make sure to wash the reusable bag regularly because dirty shopping bag can lead to food poisoning.

Clothing and book shopping: paper bag

Clothing and book shopping: paper bag

Unlike grocery, items like clothing and books are dry, so it is okay to use either paper bag or reusable bag. However, comparing the cost, paper bags are far cheaper than reusable bags. They can also be used many times.

Using paper bags for clothes shopping might not be something that a buyer should prepare first. That’s because some department stores are already using paper bags to wrap shopping items. If it isn’t the case, you can buy or keep paper bags from stores and reuse them when other stores only provide plastic bags.

Laundry: reusable bag

Laundry: reusable bag

When picking which bags should be used to put the laundry in, it’s not a matter of its durableness against water. Instead, it is a matter of which one can carry heavier weight.

In this situation, rather than paper bags, reusable bags made of cotton or canvas might be the best choice. Reusable bags for laundry are bigger than reusable bags, so a lot of clothes can be put in the bags. They come in different shapes too: heavy-duty bag, drawstring bags, mesh bag, etc. By giving it a stand, reusable bags can be used as the laundry basket too, so they are an eco-friendly solution to the usual plastic laundry basket.

Bakery and fast food: Paper bags

Bakery and fast food: Paper bags

Just like clothes shopping bags, paper bags are commonly used by the stores to wrap cookies and fast foods. They are used for cooked food because the paper bags are specifically made to keep the product’s taste and freshness.

Paper bags are made with glassine paper—a type of paper that is water, grease, and air resistant—with wax lining. Thus, for bakery and fast food, it’s better to use paper bags than reusable bags. Keep in mind that paper bags should be used multiple times to make their environmental impact lower than plastic bags. 

Trash bag: Recycled Paper bag

Trash bag: Recycled Paper bag

It’s no use to reduce plastic use by using eco-friendly bags and then at the same time buying plastic trash bag. Instead of using a plastic trash bag, use a big recycled paper bag to collect your trash. Not only that, but it can also be used to collect items to be recycled and to collect compost.

There are time and places where reusable bags are more useful than paper bags, and vice versa. Rather than debating which the best of reusable bag vs paper bag, you consider which situation and decide which is best to use them for every situation.

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