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How to Reuse Plastic Bags and Reduce Plastic Waste

Deciding to go plastic-free can be a huge life change for most of us. You know about all the new plastic-free alternatives you can use now, but what about those old plastic bags that you have? Don’t throw them away. There are many tips already shared on how to reuse plastic bags, but today we bring you 7 of the best ones.

Without further ado, we will reveal some clever ideas about how to reuse plastic bags!

  1. Create a Woven Basket
Create a Woven Basket

If you are keen on DIY projects or looking for a fun craft to do with your kids or friends, then this is the one for you. Making woven baskets if probably one of the most popular ways to use up those plastic bags.

Admittedly, this is not the easiest thing you can do, but it is a very practical way to repurpose your old plastic bags. A bigger-sized basket could use up to 50 plastic bags! Not to mention that this gives you a trendy new storage option for your home.

2. Line Your Thrash Can

Line Your Thrash Can

One of the easiest ways to reuse a plastic bag is for lining thrash cans. It is extremely straightforward but also useful. Most bags you get from grocery shopping are also the right size for the average bin. This will keep your thrash can cleaner in the long run. Not to mention that this makes it easy to empty out.

3. DIY Purse and Wallets

DIY Purse and Wallets

Another DIY you can try is purses and wallets, which could be an excellent eco-friendly gift too. Use your old plastic bags and transform them into a trendy new coin purse. Ironing a few plastic bags will also fuse them together. You may even want to add an old zipper or button for extra embellishment.

4. Make Crochet Bags

Make Crochet Bags

If you like the thrifted style of vintage crochet bags, then it might be a good idea to make one yourself. Use your old plastic bags to crochet a cute bag. You can make it big enough for your own reusable grocery bag, a small one for everyday errands, or even create a fun beach bag! It’s a great addition to your bag collection and fun gift option.

5. Cover Muddy Shoes

how to reuse plastic bags for Cover Muddy Shoes

Do you hate rains because that means tracking dirty mud into your car or house? Keep a handful of old plastic bags at hand for this kind of emergency. All you need to do is insert your whole feet (shoes attached!) into a plastic bag before you go inside. This will keep your car mats or house landings pristine clean, no matter the weather.

6. Maintain Bag and Shoe Shapes

how to reuse plastic bags for Maintain Bag and Shoe Shapes

A huge reason why bags and shoes become unusable the more we leave them alone is that they lose their shape. Why not put your plastic bags to good use? Stuff them inside your handbags and shoes before putting them into storage, which will help them retain their original shape. This will keep your collection looking new and fresh for the next time you are ready to use them.

7. Or Just Reuse Them!

Or Just Reuse plastic bags

Not up for crazy crafts, or simply have a whole load of plastic bag than you know what to do? No worries, you can always reuse them as they are. The next time you go grocery shopping or need to transport things from your house to the car, use those bags!

These are some of our favourite ways to reuse plastic bags. Can you think of other more creative ones? Also, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things with your old plastic bags!

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